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City of Reno Community Development Department ATTN: Frank Perez

1 East First Street, 12th Floor P.O. Box 1900 Reno, NV 89505

Frank Perez: 775-400-6076 Tillery Williams: 775-657-4685 Janee Johnson: 775-334-2218

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The Neighborhood Renewal Program’s goals are to maintain safe homes and attractive neighborhoods, to preserve affordable housing, to improve the quality of Reno’s housing stock, and to ensure compliance with City building and zoning codes. Rehabilitation efforts are part of the City’s Blight Initiative which calls for dedicated one-time funds for the restoration or demolition of unattractive and unsafe buildings in targeted locations identified by the City.

The Neighborhood Renewal Program may be used by any eligible low and moderate income homeowner to correct hazardous external structural conditions, and make improvements considered necessary to mitigate blight or correct building and health code violations. The work done on homes and property will be conducted by local non-profit groups and may include on the job training programs.

The City of Reno has contracted with Habitat for Humanity to complete projects as approved by the City staff. Therefore once an application has been approved, the neighborhood renewal program will take care of the cost. The program is to provide funds on a “first come, first served” basis. The tentative list for eligible projects to be considered for funding currently includes:

  • Yard maintenance or repair
  • Roofing
  • Fencing
  • Exterior painting
  • Lateral sewer hookup

To be eligible for the program, an interested homeowner must complete a program application. An applicant must reside within the city and hold title to the property they are requesting assistance for. The applicant must fully accommodate and cooperate with City staff and the program administrator in an initial inspection and completion of the repairs to be eligible for assistance. The decision as to how a particular condition will be corrected will be decided in consultation with the City’s designated program manager and the contracted service provider. Homes need to be "owner-occupied."

Interested parties should meet income requirements, as established by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD considers families at 80 percent of the area median income level to be “low income” and families at 50 percent of the Area Median Income level (AMI) to be “very low income.”

The matrix below depicts income eligibility:









1. The City must obtain a complete and signed application from the homeowner applying for assistance, including third party verification of all statements made (See Application). All homeowners must meet the following requirements:

A. Income – All homeowners must meet HUD low/moderate income standards which will be verified. Income is based on total household income of all adult members of the household 18 or older, excluding full-time students. Certification that the homeowner is income eligible must be presented to the City along with the completed application. Income documentation consists of:

A copy of the latest federal income tax return and one of the following:

  • Four weeks of current pay stubs for those employed
  • Current award letter or other official notifications of grant, pension, annuity, or other benefit payment from any source (e.g. Social Security, SSI, Veterans Benefits, Union Pension, etc.)
  • Official documentation of child support and/or alimony payments
  • Written third party verification of any other income received

If ownership of a home is shared with others who do not reside in the home, all income from the owners must be combined. Income verification for each owner is required. Assistance will only be granted if the combined incomes for all owners are within the HUD income limits and at least one owner resides in the home.

B. Proof of Ownership - The homeowner must submit a copy of the Deed. Homes need to be "owner-occupied."

C. Proof of homeowner’s insurance

D. Proof of Residency - The homeowner must verify that they are a resident of the property. (voter registration, driver’s license, utility bill)

E. Mortgage in Good Standing - The homeowner must submit a copy of their most recent mortgage statement which confirms that their home loan is in good standing.

2. A homeowner is not eligible for assistance if they have access to ample assets to make the necessary repairs.

3. The City must verify that the conditions for which Neighborhood Renewal Program funding is sought fall within the goals of the City’s Blight Initiative. Documentation of a related condition shall consist of a written description of the problem for consideration of funding.

Once a homeowner with a potential qualifying condition submits a Neighborhood Renewal Program application to the City, the City will verify that:

  • The condition of the homeowner’s property qualifies for funding under the Neighborhood Renewal Program based on completion of staff inspection of the property
  • The homeowner is income-eligible


Please fill out the enclosed application completely. Attach the following documentation to the application.

1. A copy of your Property Deed.
2. A copy of your current homeowner’s insurance policy.
3. Evidence that you reside on the property (phone bill, water bill or other utility bill).
4. Income verification for each person listed on the deed and for each adult household member over 18 years old (excluding full-time college students under 21 years old) including:

A. A copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax Return

B. Four weeks of current pay stubs (four if paid weekly, two if paid bi-weekly)

C. A current benefit or award letter from any source (Pension Plans, Social Security, SSI, SSD, Worker’s Compensation, local or county welfare, etc.)

D. Verification of any cash assets (Checking or Savings Accounts or other investment income)

E. Proof of any other income such as rental income, child support, alimony, etc.

F. A copy of your most recent mortgage statement.
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