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City of Reno Film Permits E PH 775.326.6697  |  FX 775.334.2097  |  PO Box 1900 Reno, NV 89505

Nevada Film Office    PH 877-NEV-FILM |  FX 702.486.2712|  6655 West Sahara, Suite C106, Las Vegas, NV 89146

In addition to the City of Reno's film permit, the State of Nevada requires that you complete their metrics tracking form, which can be found at:

APPLICATION: The application package consists of this permit application form, a Location Form for each filming jurisdiction, a hold harmless agreement, any necessary traffic plans, or pyrotechnic plans. This application will satisfy all Special Event Permits and/or any other license required. (Pyrotechnics may require additional permits.)

The application must be received:

  • 3 working days prior to the filming if it will be done on private property, and will not involve pyrotechnics, street/lane closures.
  • 5 working days prior to the filming if it will be necessary to close a public street or highway.
  • 10 working days prior to filming if pyrotechnics will be used. The person in charge must be licensed by the state Fire Marshal. A written plan must be submitted to the Fire Department for each filming location.

FEES:  The application is FREE for the City of Reno.  Any City Services such as Park Rentals, Street Closures, Fire Permits, etc. shall require additional costs to be determined by the City of Reno Special Events Office.  Please contact the City of Reno Special Events Office for City Service estimates.


  • Film Permit applicants must provide a policy of general liability insurance for the specific dates of the event naming the “City of Reno, its officers, employees, and agents” as an Additional Insured.  The policy must be obtained from a carrier licensed to do business in the State of Nevada.

Minimum general liability insurance limits are as follows:

  1. Combined single limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence.
  2. Automobile liability insurance limits are $1,000,000 combined single limits (only required for events involving production vehicles such as carnivals).

These terms and conditions are not to be changed by any words added by Event Organizer. Any change in terms must be agreed to by the City, in writing.

  • A signed HOLD HARMLESS agreement must be provided.
  • Nevada industrial insurance regulations must be followed at all times, usually administered by Payroll Company.
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